The Career Readiness and Exploration Design Team was charged with framing a comprehensive, sequential curriculum designed to ensure all students, starting in kindergarten:

  • Explore a variety of career pathways

  • Assess their own personal strengths, interests and abilities

  • Develop a general understanding of “what it means to work”

  • Accumulate 21st Century skills

  • Develop their soft skills (social/emotional skills)

  • Consider all career and post-secondary training and credentialing options

The Design Team worked with specific community-based data points in mind, including:


of Kalamazoo County eighth-graders

select “professional athlete, artist or animator” as their top career choice.


of Kalamazoo County Graduates

have not earned any credential in six years following high school.


of American employees

are disengaged at work.

*Specific data and statistical sourcing can be found in the official Community Report.

Career Readiness & Exploration (K – 12th Grade)

Awareness (K-5th Grades)

Exploration (6th-8th Grades)

Preparation (9th-12th Grades)

Students will be aware of:

  • What work is

  • Career pathways

  • Their personal interests

  • Readiness skills

Students will explore:

  • 2-3 career pathways of interest

  • Education development planning

  • Personal strengths related to career paths

  • Readiness skill badging

Students will experience:

  • Career pathway opportunities

  • Education development planning

  • Intro to/enroll in CTE/early college programs

  • Employability training

  • Readiness skill badging

Educators will incorporate:

  • Concept of work

  • Career pathways

  • Student interests

  • Readiness skills

Educators will integrate:

  • Community-based projects to curriculum

  • Personalized career lessons

  • Students’ strengths and readiness skills

Educators will increase:

  • Career relevant content

  • Strength/competency-based learning

  • Awareness/intro to CTE/early college programs

  • Classes related to readiness skills

Families will be introduced to:

  • Career pathways

  • Career awareness activities

  • Child’s interests

  • Readiness Skills

Families will be offered training for:

  • Career pathway exploration

  • Strength-based communication

  • Readiness skills communication

Educators will increase:

  • Attend career pathway experiences

  • Attend student strength-lead events

  • Promote CTE/early college programs

  • Encourage skill badge obtainment

Community organizations will begin:

  • Pathway partnerships

  • Understanding interests

  • Supporting readiness skills language

Community organizations will expand:

  • Pathway partnerships

  • Use of strengths with students

  • Use of readiness skills language

Community organizations will utilize:

  • Opportunities for students to engage/learn

  • Strengths as part of job-seeking process

  • Readiness skills badging system

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