Designing a World-Class

Career & Technical Education System

for our Students and Community

In Michigan:


professional/skilled trades job openings by 2026


current openings in professional/skilled trades


median income in professional/skilled trades


Michigan needs more skilled workers for high-demand, high-tech and high-wage jobs. Too many young people are leaving school without the skills that employers desire, and without a plan or hope for the future.
Together, we will change the course with a systemic redesign of Career and Technical Education (CTE) in Kalamazoo County.   

The KRESA CTE Millage will provide:

  • Increased equity, efficiency and quality of K-12+ CTE programming

  • More career readiness coaches exposing more students to potential careers

  • A centrally located career center with smaller satellite locations

  • Efficient transportation so more students can participate

  • State-of-the-art technology and equipment to prepare students for high-demand, high-skill, high-wage careers

  • More instructional support staff to help at-risk students and students with disabilities

  • Additional training and support for students and families, including underrepresented populations

  • More career planning, apprenticeships and work-based learning to help students choose the right careers

  • More students earning credentials/certificates to meet the needs of employers

  • Enhanced partnerships with employers and colleges to help prepare students for the 21st Century

  • More young people equipped with the skills needed to earn a good living, allowing them to raise families in the area

Education that WORKS for our
students and community!

of Kalamazoo County graduates have not earned any credential in six years following high school

A systemic redesign of CTE in Kalamazoo County will begin in kindergarten and culminate in post-secondary training and work-based learning — meaning more students will have the opportunity to earn credentials and industry approved certificates to help them find a job. 

of business leaders strongly agree graduating students have the skills their business needs 

The redesign will be coordinated with employers — meaning more students leave school with the skills employers want in today's high-demand, high-wage careers.  

of American employees are disengaged at work 

The new system of CTE will include a Career Center with Satellites — meaning more students have access to counseling, comprehensive training and state-of-the art equipment so they can discover their interests and choose the careers that are right for them. 

*Specific data and statistical sourcing can be found in the official Community Report.

What Employers Say

We’re in a constant state of search, looking for people to fill well-paying jobs.”

— Dave Maurer, President, Humphrey Products

We have some 1,200 jobs that could go unfilled today and we have approximately 35% of our working population eligible to retire in the next 5-10 years, leaving many more openings.”

— Ron Kitchens, Senior Partner and CEO, Southwest Michigan First

For the foreseeable future, the biggest obstacle to the growth of our company is the lack of qualified skilled workers to perform the work.”

— Rex Bell, President, Miller-Davis Company and General Contracting


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